Our Mission

Through Brotherhood and Teamwork, the Ugly’s of Haines Have come to realize that we can effect a real and positive change in peoples lives through a simple act of kindness.By tapping the resources of our organization; Be it by providing Skilled Labor, Financial Support, Community Support, Scholarships to Sponsorships. Everything from Sponsoring the trip of a lifetime for a Scout troop, to throwing a party for Seniors at the Senior center just to have some fun. By creating an exciting Kindness Experience,accessible to ALL, we can change lives. Our Mission is to enhance the lives of others and by doing so, enhance our own. “ Ugly is as Ugly does “.

Haines' Community Service Award

10th Annual 'Gifts for Grub'.
Over 240 toys donated locally.

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2013 Donations, Programs and Sponsorships

This year the Ugly’s of Haines gave $10,000.00 dollars in scholarships to individuals within the community of Haines.

This year the Ugly’s of Haines sponsored the “Logging Show” at the Southeast Alaska State Fair and the “4th of July Fireworks” show.

The Ugly’s of Haines made many donations for the year 2013.
Fire Victims

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